Local people helping our communities bounce back from disaster

Struggling due to a
Gulf Coast disaster?
Project Rebound can help.

Many Alabama residents have experienced stress of some kind following a disaster. Now, there is a team of caring professionals that can help you turn the tide and heal our communities.

We’re available to help with:

• Emotional Issues

• Financial challenges

• Personal problems


Many people who experience stress have a strong desire to withdraw from others. Overcoming the tendency to isolate themselves requires strength and discipline. Call us, we can help you break those isolation barriers:



It takes courage to reveal what you’re thinking and feeling. Talking can be comforting and healing. Talking is worth it.


Be with People:

Life doesn’t return to normal overnight when you’ve survived a disaster. But your life isn’t over. Being with other people helps you become happy again. If you, or someone you know, is experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t hesitate to call.

Special Concerns Following A Disaster

Each age group is vulnerable in unique ways to the stresses of a disaster. Different issues and concerns become relevant during the emotional recovery. In older adults, some disaster stress reactions may be experienced immediately, while other reactions appear months later.


Here are some of the symptoms you, or a loved one, may be experiencing:


Behavioral Symptoms

- Emotional withdraw from your friends

- Don't want to leave the house

- Mobility limitations

- Problems with adjusting to new things


Physical Symptoms

- Becoming ill more quickly

- Sleep problems

- Visible symptoms on your body

- Physical or sensory problems

- Embarrassment about receiving "handouts"


Emotional Symptoms

- Depression

- Despair and or Apathy

- Confusion/Disorientation

- Suspicion

- Agitation/Anger

- Fears of institutionalization

- Anxiety/Anger

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